Part of my own horror story

This is an exanple of what i wrote part of my story….My father went to the restaurant with my step-mum. I was all alone with my baby brother, Arthur. I put my brother to sleep by singing a sweet lullaby. When he fell asleep I saw it again. It was staring directly at me. It was holding a baby. The shadow spoke ‘Give me back my baby, you betrayer’. I was petrified and perplexed. My eyes watered and enlarged. The hairs on my neck bristled. A gaggle of goose bumps laminated my bare skin. I stood there for what felt like an eternity but was actually only five minutes. I heard a knock on the door I hesitated to open the door so I crept upstairs. I pulled the duvet right up to my shoulders, leaving my face uncovered. Cuddling up like a puppy I hear the lock turn. The swinging made me realise the door was opened and someone other than me was in the house. Scrapes of shoes wete getting louder and louder. Suddenly the door swing open.The blazing light beams onto my duvet. A black shadow hovered above my duvet and then It was time…


My drawing

2016-08-21-15.19.50.png.pngI painted a shop building infront of my house as my art textiles project was to do with buildings. This painting is made up of: watercolour for the background and black indian ink for the detail. Now my project is to do with tranquillity.

What I did on my holiday?

Well first I went to Bristol for a night to see my dad’s family.  In Bristol we all went to the beach. Then we stayed in Cardiff for another night. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday we went to a caravan holiday park. It was stunning. Went to the beach, go-karting, rides, stayed in an apartment… After 3 astonishing days, me and my family went to the zoo- which is what I enjoyed most lol.The lion doesn’t look too pleased haha lol. So yh I had a good summer holiday and hope you all did as well.